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PhD-backed Financial Health Model

Dr Merv Lincoln pioneered a Financial Health methodology over 30 years ago in his PhD, which rates companies' financials from Strong when it represents high-quality opportunities for investment to Distress when it is at risk of insolvency.

Digitalised with the help of his son, Tim Lincoln, it is our intellectual property and the core of our investment framework, forming the basis of Stock Doctor's proprietary algorithm.


Unequalled Proprietary Algorithm

Stock Doctor's powerful algorithm uses premium data and filters it through its investment framework, which includes the financial health model. It runs complex pattern recognition on research data, companies' financial reporting and ratios to identify stocks that present growth or income opportunities which informs our Star Stocks selection.

It's an 85% quantitative data-driven model, layered with 15% qualitative research from a team of in-house analysts.


Stock Research Platform on Steroids

Most of our competitors provide you with research data from a single provider and spend anywhere between $200k and $400k a year.

We pull ours from 10+ premium data providers and spend close to $1million a year feeding our proprietary algorithm with the best available research data, giving you access to an unmatched volume of data you won't get anywhere else.


Customer Centricity at its Finest

Numbers are our bread and butter, but you are not a number! At Stock Doctor, we are committed to our members who are guided through every step of their investment journey and helped with support, training and coaching.

The way we care about our members' experience and investing outcome is what stands us apart from others. So, you are never made to feel like a number.

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Understand what you’re buying

Gain in-depth fundamental quantitative research and extensive analyst coverage easily through the Stock Doctor platform. 

To successfully manage a portfolio of ASX stocks, it’s integral that you understand the underlying fundamentals of companies you’re investing in. Because it’s not what you buy, it’s what you’re buying into that matters. 

Build Confidence

Leave the ‘specky’ stocks to others

There are a lot of conflicting recommendations and opinions out there. Cut through the noise and stop making uninformed investment decisions. 

Become a disciplined investor who takes a methodical and non-emotional approach to share investing. So you can avoid the value traps and grow your wealth based on your own decisions within seconds. 

Minimise risk

Copped a few losses? 

Tough market conditions and high volatility bring additional risk to your portfolio. Discover a new way to invest safely and methodically. 

Feel confident and in control despite a bad investment experience and avoid corporate failures with next-level due diligence – powered by our algorithm. 

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of ASX stocks are in financial distress

Invest like a pro

Make better informed decisions to grow your wealth

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Stock Doctor for free? 

Yes, you can take up a 14-day free trial of Stock Doctor. All features are included in the trial, allowing you to access the entire platform and see what it can really do. 

Who is Stock Doctor for? 

Stock Doctor is for DIY investors who have decided to take control of their own investment journey on the share market.

Whether you are a financial professional, an experienced DIY investor or a beginner, Stock Doctor has enough in its arsenal of features and tools to suit your needs.

Supported with education, coaching and various resources, Stock Doctor provides a comprehensive package that caters for all. For SMSF investors Stock Doctor may even be tax deductible. 

Why are you covering the Australian Stock Exchange only? 

In order to provide our members with the most up-to-date research, time zones pose a large issue as our analysts spend a significant amount of time talking to management, attending industry events and speaking to industry peers.

We will consider covering international markets when we have the possibility of resourcing geographically appointed staff in the necessary time zones, but for now, we prefer to pour our resources into the Australian market while we have the resources on Australian soil. 

How does Stock Doctor work? What kind of results can I expect? 

Stock Doctor is a research and portfolio management platform that can assist you to carry out your investment strategy. See how it works here.

Stock Doctor can only provide general advice and do not take into consideration your personal circumstances, as such, results will depend on your investment strategy. 

Do you offer a money-back guarantee? 

Yes, if you cancel within the first 30 days of your initial Stock Doctor subscription then you will receive your money back. 

Does Stock Doctor have an app? 

Stock Doctor is a mobile optimised web application. While you can’t download it from your app store, you can use it on your mobile device. 

Can I trade with Stock Doctor? 

Yes. Stock Doctor has a trading integration with online stockbroker, Bell Direct, that allows you to trade directly through the platform. See more information on our online broking integrations and how to place a trade with Bell Direct.

If you are not a Bell Direct customer, then you cannot trade through Stock Doctor, though you can import your portfolio from any stock broker that allows you to view, audit and optimise your portfolio from within Stock Doctor.

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